Our learning methods !

Learning English

When we moved to France in 2002 we had a very basic understanding of the language - learnt through our schooling in England. 

We decided not to undertake french lessons but to integrate into local society.  It was, perhaps, a harder option as an adult, but a more thorough and definately more enjoyable experience! We joined clubs and associations and through learning new skills and running our daily lives the language naturally took hold.  This is why we firmly believe in our methods.  By making the english language an integral part of daily life learning becomes part of the fun.

Internationally, English has become a more integral part of life, with travel and work opportunities, music, film and the internet, a basic understanding of the language is becoming more and more of a necessity.

The lessons

We use language to express inner thoughts and emotions, to make sense of complex and abstract ideas and to be able to communicate with others.  Language can be defined as a verbal and physical learned behaviour, involving a stimulus and a response that includes gestures and body movements as well as spoken word. 

This is why our methods of learning through activity in a fun, family enviroment work so beautifully.

By creating and learning something new, the language becomes second place and,therefore a more natural progression is made.  If your child is comfortable and relaxed he no longer see learning english as an obligation at school but an enjoyable way to communicate.

Every day, all day, the participants are surrounded by the language.  from morning to night their instruction, daily rituels and activities are all undertaken by english monitors.  It is possible for your child to profit from some indiviual tution on demand.

We would like to think that our participants come to stay with us not through parental pressure, but because they can see the future possiblities and opportunities that learning english can open up for them.

Its fun!

The orginality of Pamplemousses' language immersion means that not only will your child have a better understanding of the English vocabulary but, more importantly we feel, have the confidence to give it a go !

A typical day

  8h00   Wake up
  8h30   Breakfast on the campsite
  9h30   Lessons - fun games!
  12h30   Traditional english dinner
  13h30   Relaxation pause
  14h00   Afternoon activity
  19h00   Supper
  20h00   Optional activity
  22h00   Lights out !