Our monitors play a very important role during your childs stay. They are confidants, friends and guides throughout the week. They are there not only to support your child but also to frame leisure time and help the activities to make an unforgettable holiday. They are present 7 days a week - 24 hours a day, housed on site to be at hand and ensure that everything goes smoothly. A varied and dynamic program of activities will be prepared including sport, creative activities and cultural visits. A part of each day is taken up with activities and fun games onsite; for example everyone can try clay carving, making a handcream or a stink bomb.  These new experiences, explained and supervised in English insure that your child is immersed in the language from morning to night.

All activities are local. Where possible your team will host the activity in and around our village. However, for some more adventurous past times, students will be taken to specialised activity centers with qualified instructors.
Laughing and relaxing with friends of the same age will always be on the agenda. During the evenings there are different non-compulsory activities proposed by our monitors, as well as the end of week party!

Specialised Activities

Horse ride
Climbing in the trees
Wind surfing
Canoe / Rafting

Creating glass artwork
Parc animalier de Pradinas

Cap de découverte

Weekly Program 

Arrival is on Sunday afternoon, from 4pm.  The monitors will show you your accomodation, the shower blocks, games room, kitchen and dining area.  Refreshments are available.  Once everyone has arrived and introductions have been made the fun begins....
On Monday we have a day together at
Cap découvertewhich, 25 minutes from us, is our nearest theme park. The structure of the day allows us to get to know the students - and visa-versa, in a relaxed and fun enviroment.
From Tuesday to Friday English lessons take part during the morning and various activities in the afternoon. Meals are either onsite in the dining room or taken out as a picnic.
Apart from the occasional evening out, our evenings are based around camp with more games, relaxation and delicous food!

On Saturday morning we invite the parents to come and pick up their children, after an aperatif and 'show'.

Camp Activities

Mountain biking