Pamplemousse is offering high school students an exceptional stay in England from April 22 to April 29 2016

This trip will allow each participant to gain confidence in speaking the language with ease; whilst having fun, enjoying cultural visits and experiencing the true England - as the natives know it !

This language course has been designed especially with this age group in mind, permitting your adolescant total immersion into the English language. Within the bounderies of a small family enviroment your child will be relaxed and able to gain the confidence he needs to pass his english exams without criticized or judged, but more encouraged and guided through a range of activities. Whilst the emphasis is on the oral language, help will be given to those who ask on english grammar and structure.  This is undoubtably designed as an intensive method for exam revision and will enable your child to grasp a very thorough understanding of english.

An idyllic setting for an English revision course: the Cotswolds ! You will love the personality of this area, located in the southwest of England, it is renowned for its "outstanding natural beauty" and medieval villages that makes it  so quintessentially English !

Lechlade is a small town next to the River Thames with a statue of Old Father Thames, it marks the head of the navigable river. Since the 17th century, the town used the river to trade. The town is now more centered around the market square, dominated by the 15th century church with its, pubs, 'tea shops' and antiques center.

We also hope to establish a connection with the college of the city; your children will have the opportunity to enjoy activities with their level of English students.

Designed with college student in mind, our 'holiday' incorporates a balance of sportive activities, social entertainment and cultural visits, allowing you teenager to develop his language abilities naturally and confidently. We have planned, not only lake side activities and evenings around a camp fire, outings to the cinema, bowling and swimming pool but interesting days out to Cirencester, Oxford with its universities and the mysterious sites of Stonehenge and the 'White horse' d'Uffington, .....

Accommodation is in restored farmhouse cottages, a short distance from the town of Lechlade.
Riverwood cottages is surrounded by its own parkland of 30 acres and 14 acres of forest. The cottages have individual bedrooms for one or two people. Add to this a heated pool and, to ensure complete relaxation at the end of the day, a comfortable lounge with television, DVD and free WiFi !!

Discover really good english food too! Either through the home cooked meals at the cottage or in specially chosen restaurants.  Traditional meals like ‘fish and chips’, 'cream tea', 'english breakfast' or 'roast dinner';  (Except on days out where we will picnic)