We are a small, family orientated association based in the Aveyron, south-west France.  Our aim is to teach the English language in an environment that inspires confidence. From the age of 5 to 85 without being judged or critised. We are bilingual ourselves and understand the importance of a second language.  Our holidays and courses are for anyone, of any nationality, wanting to improve their english language.

Improve your English language, and gain the confidence to express yourself through complete immersion in an English family, who have been living in France for over 15 years.

To learn should not be an unpleasant excercise that is imposed upon us, but a chance to improve our lives and to help open future opportunities.

From childhood we are restricted, forbidden and forced into a certain lifestyle; but life is so much more, it is also about trying, exploring, experiementing in our own comfort zone.  Along life's path, the people we meet can enrich our learnings.  Sharing our knowledge makes things easier and more interesting - everyone one of us has something to give, something to share with those around us, which is why our method works so well.https://youtu.be/_hCarSut6eI