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The area - The Aveyron

Situated in the south west of France our department is one of eight that make up midi pyrenee region. Known for its wild beauty, and unspoilt countryside, ' the hundred valleys' also bears home to a large number of the 'most beautiful villages in France'.  

The area is renowned for its turbulant history, hospitable locals and outdoor activities, many of which take part on the rivers and woodland that are in abundance.

We live in a very small hamlet on the departments southern border ; La Borie Basse is only 3 miles from Naucelle, placing everything one needs on the doorstop.

Taster day !

Local students joined those arriving from Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier and Naucelle to participate in a 'taster day' curious to see how learning english could be fun - This is what they did - in a day!

Fun games to revise their english vocabulary - that they would then need through the day. By playing games togther they reinforced a team spirit and instantly gained confidence - knowing there was noone to judge or critise them.

Lunch was a picnic on the lawn. Followed by a treasure hunt in the forest to an abanoned castle.  Even with the clues written in english, the chocolate was found relatively easily!

With the warm sunshine making it feel like summer, the river became irrestible ! So we rafted a short way - then just played in the water.

On returning home we snacked and relaxed in the garden....incredibly still having the energy for the swings and trampoline.

Holiday camp

Children aged between 11 and 15 spent a week in the summer doing every activity imaginable - in english! Why? For them to gain confidence in expressing themselves in another language, to see that what they'd learnt in primary school or college could be put, easily, into practice ! Having an understanding of oral english can really help open some doors in our future, but unless we have the confidence to give it a go, the lessons in our education stay just that - words written on a page.

English should be and can be fun!!

Celebrate like the English do!

We invited youngsters to join us in celebrating Halloween and Guy Fawkes this October. Disguised and ready to party, they not only learnt the origins of why we celebrate these events and but how the English create and enjoy the celebrations.

Great fun was had by all, not only during the party but over the few days of preparation before the event!!